Earn A Diploma with GED

Welcome to the GED Preparation Program, at Palm Beach Central High School Adult and Community Education (ACE).  The GED program was created to prepare students to take and pass the GED exam.  In Florida, passing the GED exam is an alternative route to obtaining a standard high school diploma.  And, the standard diploma is the key to future educational opportunities as well as expanded employment options.  At Palm Beach Central ACE, we strive to ensure that every student feels welcomed and comfortable while we provide them with all of the resources that are available to complete this step of their journey.

What is ABE?  What is GED?
ABE stands for Adult Basic Education.  It is the initial set of skills each student needs to master before they advance to GED Level courses.  GED stands for General Education Development.  Your placement in ABE or GED level courses will be determined by an entrance exam when you first register with us, and then repeated testing after you complete a certain number of instructional hours.

The placement tests are called TABE, which stands for Test of Adult Basic Education.  TABE test results help the administration and teachers determine the best placement for you so that we can help you target specific skills and competencies.  Students will take a TABE test when they initially register with us, and then periodically throughout their time with us to monitor their progress.

Classes take place on campus four nights per week, Monday through Thursday, from 6pm-8pm.  There are typically two days for Math & Science, and two days for English & History.

Resources and Materials
The ABE/GED instructors provided all of the content and materials for the class, though students may be encouraged to obtain a few basic supplies.  Software called Essential Ed is supplied free of charge with your registration fee.  The software provides lessons and practice quizzes.  Students will be assigned a certain number of hours per week that they must complete activities in Essential Ed, along with their time in class with the live instructors.  

How Do I Take the GED? 
Every term, a specialist from the school district will visit the GED class and provide in-depth information to students about how to register and take the GED exam.  Vouchers are sometimes available to cover registration fees, so students should make sure that they speak with the GED instructors and staff for more information.